Company founder - Dirk Riedel

Dirk Riedel, Managing director, Riedel & Cie. ConsultingMr. Dirk Riedel established Riedel & Cie. as a consulting company for leading closed-end fund initiators, capital management companies and international institutional investors. Together with his team, he successfully accompanied a total investment of EUR 10 bill.

In addition, Dirk was deeply committed to the interests of his industry in the bsi (Real Asset Investment Association) and in February 2014 he was elected to the board of the bsi as the representative of the Associated Members.

On September 10th 2014, Dirk Riedel died at the age of 43 after a long and severe illness.

The team of Riedel & Cie. Consulting aims to carry out the life's work of Dirk Riedel and we will offer our services and our know-how at the highest level to our clients, with the same passion as Dirk always did.

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